How to use VPN using a browser extension

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How to use VPN using a browser extension – Do you want to use a VPN on your Windows 10 PC? What is very easy and simple is to use an extension on the browser. Furthermore, there is also a free Windows 10 VPN that you can use through an application that you must install on your PC.

In use each day, an easy example is if you use a VPN service whether it’s on a smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer connected to the VPN service. Usually, the position of the VPN server computer used is located in a different country position, for example in the Netherlands, Singapore, the United States, England and Australia.

To use a VPN, the method is quite easy, all you have to do is download the VPN application, after that, just activate it when you want to connect to the Internet. If on a smartphone you can download it through the play store or app store after that install. For users on the PC and laptop features, you have to download it first after that install until it is successful. There are 2 types of VPN that you can use, namely free VPN and paid VPN, both of which have their respective advantages and disadvantages.

How to use VPN using a browser extension


Using a VPN on a PC Through a Browser Extension

The procedure for using a VPN on an early Windows 10 PC is through a browser extension. Here’s how:

  • Open the browser you are using (we recommend that you use Google Chrome)
  • Then download and install the Hola VPN Extension.
  • Press the Add to Chrome button.
  • When the confirmation window will pop up, press the Add extension button and wait for the installation process to complete.
  • When the installation process is over, continue by pressing the Hola VPN icon to start using it.
  • Next tap on the server position country flag.

If you can’t activate the VPN on your PC while using a Browser Extension, then try clearing cache and cookies on the browser you are using again. Hola VPN is one of the best free VPNs that we recommend for you to try. You can also view the reviews from many of our articles that have discussed how to use a virtual network on a PC via this browser extension.


So to use VPN on your computer or laptop the method is not difficult. one easy way is to install the vpn extension in the browser.

There are many choices of vpn extensions that you can try installing on your browser.