How to Use WireGuard on Windows
How to Use WireGuard on Windows

How to Use WireGuard on Windows

Posted on — WireGuard is an exciting new VPN protocol that has the potential to make a big difference to the VPN industry. We will discuss How to Use WireGuard on Windows.

In our previous post, we have shared using wireguard on Android.

Wireguard has the advantages of UDP support and high speed. This type of VPN is often used for downloads or online games.

It’s also not too complicated to use. Especially if it is used for Windows PC.

How to Use WireGuard on Windows

The things you need to have to use Wireguard are:

  1. Wireguard Account and its Config.
  2. WireGuard application.

Create Wireguard Account

You can create a Wireguad account on a Wireguad service provider site such as

Select the Wireguard menu then select the server you need. And click Create.

How to Use WireGuard on Windows

Enter the username and enter the active SNI according to your internet tricks needs. SNI is only optional.

Click Create.

Wireguard account has been successfully created. You can download the config. you also directly scan the barcode.

The wireguard account creation process has been completed.

Download Wireguard Aplication

On a PC you can use the Wireguard application or you can also use the TunSafe application. In this tutorial we will try to use TunSafe.

Download the TunSafe application through the official website.

How to Use WireGuard on Windows

Open the TunSafe application by right-clicking run as admin. Then click Import Fil Config.

How to Use WireGuard on Windows

Find where you saved the wireguard config file that you downloaded when you created the wireguard account above.

You can connect Wireguard.