Here’s How a VPN Working Concept

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Here’s How a VPN Concept Works – VPN is a virtual private network service. Currently vpn is increasingly being used. Starting from just browsing, to playing games.

There are many advantages that you will get when you use VPN when surfing the internet. So that you can find out the advantages when using VPN. Next we will discuss the working concept of the VPN.

All activities attempted in cyberspace carry certain risks attached to the IP address used. This is a digital fingerprint that identifies online activity or anything viewed along the internet.

For example, for the sake of legal alibi, instant, as well as business website web services, streaming, and games want to show different content depending on the country of origin of the person accessing the service.

For that, a VPN is a much preferred option when playing games on a computer.

VPN Working Concept

Here's How a VPN Working Concept
Here’s How a VPN Working Concept

The concept of a VPN is basically a VPN. It requires a server that acts like a liaison between computers. When interpreted something like this:

internet— VPN Server;—-VPN Client—-Client

When used to connect 2 pc privately with the internet network up to this:

Pc A— VPN Clinet— Internet— VPN Server— VPN Client— Pc B

So, all connections are managed by the VPN Server so that sufficient VPN Server expertise is required so that the connection can be easy.

then what does this VPN try? First of all, the VPN Server must be configured first, then the client must install a new VPN program after that it can be connected.

The VPN on the client side later wants to make some kind of virtual connection so that later a VPN will appear like a network adapter (Lan card) but virtual. The task of the VPN Client is to carry out authentication and encryption / decryption.

So after connecting until later when the client accesses the information, say the client wants to open the web

When this request is sent to the VPN server, it is encrypted by the VPN client, for example, encrypted with formula A so that the information request will contain codes.

After arriving at the VPN server by the server this information is decrypted with formula A, because it has been configured between the server and the client so that the server wants to have the same algorithm for reading encryption. Likewise the reverse from server to client.


Universally using a VPN to hide your real IP address while playing games provides many benefits. There are 3 methods for using a VPN on a computer or laptop, namely through the Windows network configuration park, downloading a software feature from a trusted web for after it is installed and activated on the computer, or using an internal application that is already on the router. The second method is very universal and almost all computer features can use it.