Why You Should Use a VPN
Why You Should Use a VPN

Why You Should Use a VPN

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Why You Should Use a VPN – For now, the use of a VPN application no longer a foreign matter, it is widely used by internet users around the world.

The goal definitely to get a connection to the internet network that more secure, private and can change connection lines.

For those of you who don’t know, VPN (Virtual Private Network)  network connection service that provides access to all websites more safely (securely) and as a person (private).

By changing the connection path that should be passed and hiding the data exchange that exists so as to create a secure connection.

If you are still confused, this what the VPN workflow should look like.


VPN Client<-

VPN Server<-


So the process when You are like a client make a request to the Internet by charging .

Until the process from the user sends it to the client after that  forwarded to the VPS server after that it only arrives to the Internet, when the request sent back through the same line.

If a VPN used to connect 2 computers privately with the internet network until the workflow like the following:

Computer A<-

VPN Client<-


VPN Server<-

VPN Client<-

Computer B

Why You Should Use a VPN
Why You Should Use a VPN

Why You Should Use a VPN

Overcome zone access barriers (geo-restriction) and Firewall.

Some of the website’s web parks are blocked from being accessible in country. You are using a server located in the UK.

For example, when you access a web park website,  the kind of person in Great Britain that has access, so the barrier not efficient for you.

The same applies to some web parks websites that are not allowed to access from other states. Netflix was previously inaccessible in Malaysia.

So many people use virtual network servers located in the US, Netflix parks think US users, so access allowed with Netflix content that matches the specifications for US residents.


Some people choose to hide their location when surfing internet or using applications / games that are connected to the internet.

This could be because they want to avoid being found by office administrators or large academies / universities.

It can also be people browsing sensitive web parks, or carrying out illegal activities such as downloading copyrighted modules (films, soft features, etc.).

Safety in using the public internet

When you use some kind of public internet in a restaurant, McD, mamak shop, hotel, shopping center and so on, you will be attacked by data theft.

With a VPN, the connection encrypted, so anyone trying to bypass creates corrupted and useless data.

Stay away from the trap of Free Wifi

Generally, free Wifi internet services certainly attract the attention of residents. at the moment located in a zone with such access.

Alternatively, if there someone else’s Wifi without a password to use, free Wifi must be an option and the internet data package closed. That’s right, save your internet data.