What is a VPN and What is the Function of a VPN
What is a VPN and What is the Function of a VPN

What is a VPN and What is the Function of a VPN

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What is a VPN and What is the Function of a VPN – VPN is a service for communication networks. Using private netwok users can access a website in a secret and of course safe way.

Lately, there have been many questions about circulating on the internet. Like, what VPN? What is the function of VPN? Questions like that are asked very often.

For this reason, this time we will discuss in detail about this. As well as questions that are widely circulating about private network.

What is a VPN and What is the Function of a VPN

What is a VPN ?

Virtual Private Network or VPN is a communication network technology service that allows users to access websites confidentially, comfortably, and hide activities in cyberspace. But really, what is a VPN?

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. VPN allows you to browse websites like anonymously from anywhere.

A VPN also protects you by the method of creating an encrypted network that connects your PC to the internet, Wi-Fi, and other nets.

However, if we mean one by one, virtual is something that is not real or fake, in the virtual world / internet.

Then, the definition of private is a matter that has an individual character, cannot be accessed by just anyone.

To protect the confidentiality of the public network, so that all information encrypted. On the other hand, the network a network of connections that are continuously connected.

VPN are commonly used by industry. Government and military organizations to protect their sensitive information while using the network.

However, nowadays the use of individual private network is also increasing. Because, it can protect the user’s personal and personal evidence when surfing the internet.

What is the Function

Broadly speaking, opens the door to the world of the internet by keeping you comfortable, anonymous, and private online.

The main function of private network is to create a secure internet connection. All data that we send and receive (download) is protected by server encryption.

All web access that you do through a browser will pass through the server first, so that your computer’s IP or Our smartphone is not known.

Because every time we use the connection, we will use the DNS and IP from the server.

No matter what web you go to, all the emails you send or receive or items purchased online won’t be visible to anyone.

One of the benefits of a private network is protecting the user’s real IP by hiding it and replacing it with the server IP.

Simply put, when you connect to a server. Your real IP (which is given by the ISP)  replaced with one of the server IPs.